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Risk analysis and system requirements - Essay Example

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The overall goal of the project entails the design and development of an app for a smartphone/PDA. The application should allow the user to remotely control domestic services and/or appliances around the house…
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Risk analysis and system requirements
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Download file to see previous pages This essay discusses that the functionality of the app will depend on a number of factors. First, the PDA will need to be Wi-Fi enabled so that it can connect to the internet in Wi-Fi hotspots. Secondly, the refrigerators will also need to be integrated with simulators to receive the commands from the PDA. In this case, the appliance will be Wi-Fi enabled.
Today’s systems employ more functionality than ever; elaborate GUIs, network connectivity and inter-processor communication. At the same time, the time constraint has to be met. Cost of production will also be a strong challenge because the project calls for great investment from key players.
Since the app will depend on wireless connectivity, some risks inherent in wireless connectivity could be imminent. Wireless technology uses WAP/Bluetooth protocols for communication (Wiergers 2003). Each of this protocol has built-in security to block break-in by hackers. This could be problematic for apps that require user identification. In this regard, access control flows may arise allowing unauthorized access. This issue arises when we have unclear access policy and improper app design (inadequate input validation). Such risks can be avoided through accurate input validation and clear definition of the access policy. Buffer overflows could also arise causing the app to lose control of its execution. The project requires cooperation from three key players; a refrigerator manufacturer, Wi-Fi Service provider and me. The app will require windows 5 PDA (Palm OS) and Web platforms....
doors, temperature components, electrical circulation, humidity. In this case, the device will be portable so that the user can still get these analyses even when out of the house through Wi-Fi technology. The device will be helpful to the old and the disabled. The app will allow for convenient refrigeration control. The device will rely on wireless technology. The device will be light, portable and ergonomic with simple navigation. It will rely on low power requirements (either batteries or electric current). System Requirements User Interfaces The app will be installed on Wi-Fi enabled PDAs allowing the user to manipulate the refrigerator from any Wi-Fi hotspot. Users will use either virtual keyboards or touch screen technology on their PDAs to manipulate their freezers. The PDA should provide the app link on the screen so that a single touch opens up the app’s page where the user can operate the appliance. The page should offer options to the user on how to proceed. User can therefore be able to input commands and check analyses. Hardware Interfaces The app will be installed on PDAs with Palm Operating System, Software Interfaces The PDA should run on any platform with a Java 6 compatible Runtime Environment. This Includes Palm Operating System, Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Sun Solaris. Communication Interfaces The PDA should have Bluetooth to enhance exchange of data and Wi-Fi Connectivity. In this regard, users will be able to connect to the internet when in Wi-Fi Hotspots and operate their Wi-Fi enabled appliances. Functional Requirements The functionality of the app will depend on a number or factors. First, the PDA will need to be Wi-Fi enabled so that it can connect to the internet in Wi-Fi hotspots. Secondly, the refrigerators will also need to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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