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Structure of Steel and Modifications in its Behavior due to Heating, Alloying and Hardening - Book Report/Review Example

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The author of the paper examines the structure of steel and modifications in its behavior due to heating, alloying and hardening. The author states that steel is resistant to oxidization, commonly known as rusting, thus very important in shaping heavy machinery and automotive…
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Structure of Steel and Modifications in its Behavior due to Heating, Alloying and Hardening
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Download file to see previous pages For a long time, Steel was recognized as an alloy of carbon and iron; however, not every type of steel can be classified as an alloy. Interstitial-free steel and Type 409 ferritic stainless steel do not fall into this category and carbon is only in a very low quantity in these types, considering it as an impurity. Carbon proportion in these metals is as low as few parts per million. Steel must comprise of 50% iron and one or more alloys.
The alloys can be carbon, nickel, silicon, manganese, vanadium, chromium, aluminum, niobium, and titanium. Each element, included with iron to make steel, has to play an important role in defining the steel like corrosion, resistance, hardness, magnetic permeability, strength, and machinability. As the most of the steel types contain carbon, the effect of carbon on the mechanical structure of steel is vital.
Iron is one of the most elements in modern day life as it goes through a three-stage transformation when the temperature is changed, from ferrite to austenite, then austenite to ferrite again; and then ferrite to liquid iron. Each transformation undergoes a change in the arrangement of iron atoms or of crystal structure in the crystal lattice that may make it harden, soften or strengthen it.
Temperature affects steel properties as well or more specifically carbon and iron in it as they oxide simultaneously, when heated. The strength of steel is based on the number of carbides in it and it decreases as the temperature rises. The steel heat treatment can be of many types, depends on the type of attributes required.
The most common form of steel heating is annealing, also known as stress relieving happens below the transformation temperature (Ac1). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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