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Achieving Behavior Modification - Term Paper Example

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An author of this paper aims to describe the process of personal behavior modification. Moreover, the writer reveals the goals that were set and a day-by-day path of making such assignment. Finally, the paper summarizes the overall effectiveness and challenges of the task…
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Achieving Behavior Modification
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Download file to see previous pages The second subgoal is to spend half an hour daily with my parents. Their company is healthy for me and it will definitely help me in reducing my alcohol consumption. To reinforce this, I will buy my favorite cone candy for myself on my way back. My third subgoal is to avoid going to the local bar for a drink. Each day I manage not to go to the bar, I will reinforce myself with a hot cup of cocoa on the balcony where I enjoy having it while enjoying the view of the city from there and observing activities on the road. For social support, I plan to let my close friends and my mother know what I am up to. I’m sure my mother will display supportive behavior and it will beneficial for me in achieving this goal.
Average first 5 days: I took proper meals twice, but I failed to take the third meal. I tried not to drink more than one peg but I ended up in 3-4 pegs each night. I avoided the bar though. I went there only the first night since I had forgotten to buy a bottle for home. I went to my parent’s four days out of five.
Average next 5 days: I have lost some of my initial will and energy. I went to my parents only twice in the last five days. However, I am taking meals properly and went to the bar just once. I took an average of 2-3 pegs during these days.
Average last 4 days: I am now beginning to feel that one peg was not a very realistic amount to set as a goal. I am down to two pegs daily. I visited my parents regularly in the last 4 days. I also avoided the bar and ate three meals all days except one when I was too tired to make or buy it.
Day-1. I ate a nice big breakfast today. I felt nausea afterward, so I took a drink. I managed one more meal during the day. I paid a short visit to my parents. It felt good to have a little chat with them. I could not stop myself from going to the bar again at evening, but I took only 2 more pegs there and got a bottle for home. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Achieving Behavior Modification Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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