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B-Galactosidase Enzyme Activities - Essay Example

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The essay "B-Galactosidase Enzyme Activities" delivers a summary of the structure, function, and catalytic mechanism of lacZ β-galactosidase. The main aim of the experiment was achieved since quantification of B-galactosidase enzyme found in the E.coli was successful…
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B-Galactosidase Enzyme Activities
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"B-Galactosidase Enzyme Activities"

Download file to see previous pages The ideas on the regulation of protein synthesis in bacteria have mainly arisen from the studies of Perse Monod on the induced synthesis of B-galactosidase in E.coli. It resulted in the discovery of regulatory events to the transcription of DNA and the assemblage of functionally related genes into clusters called operons. The specific mechanisms exist to regulate the levels of expression in the cell. The regulation may be as a result of transcription, translation or messenger RNA stability. In this experiment, there is the regulation of transcription of bacterial genes that are either inducible or repressible enzyme systems. In induced enzymes, there is the breakdown of complex molecules for example lactose induces synthesis of the proteins B-galactosidase, galactose permease and thiogalactoside transacetylase in E.coli. The b-galactosidase enzyme found in E.coli is an example of an inducible enzyme. It catalyzes the hydrolysis of a wide variety of B-galactosides such as lactose into its constituent substances
There was of sharing of the reagents labeled control and lactose (L) flask. It was vital that the lactose does not enter the control bottle. Separate, a labeled pipette was reserved to make an addition to, or to sample from the flask. Time was an important factor and lactose was timed at zero time, ninety minutes, hundred and twenty and one hundred and eighty minutes up to two hundred and forty minutes. From there, sampling procedure included. At the appropriate time, 3ml aliquots were removed from both control(C), and lactose (L) culture and further 0.5mL aliquots from lactose (L) culture placed in a plastic centrifuge tube. Dilution of 0.5mL aliquot one in five by adding 2ml of culture medium was done and labeled the cell L/5. (Michael & Nelson. 2008) ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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