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Reading and Comprehension of Scientific Writing - Coursework Example

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Chemical Bonding is considered as an abstract topic since the understanding of which requires diagrams and figures of the molecular activities to show the various…
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Reading and Comprehension of Scientific Writing
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Extract of sample "Reading and Comprehension of Scientific Writing"

Download file to see previous pages The module “Evaluating Student’s Understanding of Chemical Bonding” by Tan and Teagrust (1999) is a study that evaluates the understanding of students about the topic Chemical Bonding. The results of the study became a tool for better approach that can be used in the academe to help students understand the topic easily. The main purpose of the context is already given on the title. There are subtitles that reveal the various topics that provide better analysis of the context. Based on the subtitles, it can be seen that the paper is all about the understanding of the topic Chemical Bonding for students learning such as the definition of the problem of the students, the diagnosing treatment and instrument, results of their diagnosis, and lastly the conclusion.
The paper “Evaluating Student’s Understanding of Chemical Bonding” is a paper that evaluates student’s learning capacity through the use of a “two-tier multiple choice diagnostic instrument”. Accordingly, students encounter problems in understanding the concept. The diagnostic assessment provides an alternative way of teaching student 14-16 years about the topic. As a result, the assessment instrument proves to be an easy to administer tool where students can learn the topic better and easier. The tool uses alternative conception that is summarized in the given Figure (figure 1: The Concept of Chemical Bonding). The Figure serves as a concept map showing the concepts included and their interconnections with each other. It provides better understanding of the topic through the given diagram. Every topic included in the Chemical Bonding context is interconnected with other topic where their relationship was shown through the lines.
The second article “Chemical Bonding” by Thompson and Staley (nd) is a comprehensive paper about the topic chemical bonding. The paper is filled with diagrams for the better understanding of the topic. The subject matter is subdivided ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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