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The paper "Hydraulic Conductivity as Source of Error" discusses that there are a number of ways to produce errors in the test data while performing the hydraulic conductivity test. It is necessary to follow the procedural guidelines as strictly as possible in order to acquire the most accurate outcomes…
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Hydraulic Conductivity as Source of Error
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Although within a laboratory, slight measurement errors may possibly take places, such as hydraulic conductivity’s scale measurement due to inaccuracy in the measurement of volume, time, length or weight. Some of the possible errors are
The most probable error is in the way the laboratory measurements are practised in field conditions.
The value of “k” as measured in the laboratory may be some orders of scale less than real large-scale field values.
As the specimens within the laboratory are not constantly representative of conditions of the field, and macroscopic attributes that manage field permeation like animal burrows, gravel lenses and root holes, may be absent in laboratory specimens. As a consequence, the field scale hydraulic conductivity is necessary to be measured in situ employing field methods like the sealed double-ring infiltrometer.
Hydraulic conductivity or permeability in soils has been recognized as one of the most essential parameters that direct the performance of a mass of civil engineering phenomenon and structures; yet most difficult to predict. Although the field data provides a better representation of hydraulic conductivity of soil as a large variety of sample may be drawn and the results can be considered to have greater representation while the lab data although having the accessibility to test via a variety of tests may lack the ability to be a representative of field soil. Read More
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