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Should we mine this Ore - Essay Example

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The experiment determines whether the ore should be mined or not, depending on the amount of pure copper it has.
3M Sulphuric Acid is used to dissolve this ore to obtain Copper…
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Should we mine this Ore
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"Should we mine this Ore"

Download file to see previous pages The amount of light that passed through the solutions to the photocells is used to determine the absorbance of each solution (Reynolds & Thompson 26).
The equation of the standard curve is given by y =mx + b. Plotting a graph of absorbance against concentration for the standard solutions produces a curve that has a direct relationship with the equation of the standard curve (Bartlett 159). The direct relationship between concentration and absorbance for a solution is referred to as Beer’s law. Concentration of unknown compound can be determined from the graph by measuring its absorbance. Its absorbance is located on the x-axis of the graph, and its corresponding concentration is determined on the y-axis. Concentration of the unknown solutions can also be established from the slope of the Beer’s law curve (Bartlett 159).
A blank solution was then prepared by filling the cuvette with distilled water to a volume of ¾ full. Care was taken not to contaminate the cuvette while filling it. Spectrometer was then calibrated by placing a blank cuvette into the cuvette grove of the spectrometer (Reynolds & Thompson 160). In order to determine optimal wavelength for plotting this standard curve, 0.4 M standard solution was placed in the cuvette slot. The cuvette was then rinsed twice with 1 mL solution in Test Tube 1, and then refilled to ¾ of its volume. The outside was wiped with a tissue paper and placed into the cuvette, and absorbance of the solution was measured (Bartlett 159). This process was repeated for solution 2-5 until their absorbances were obtained. The absorbance of each solution was recorded in the data table. The data recorded was used to draw a graph of absorbance Vs concentration. The concentration of Copper (II) sulfate was obtained from the graph by determining its corresponding reading on the y-axis.
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(Should We Mine This Ore Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Should We Mine This Ore Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Should We Mine This Ore Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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