Factors to consider for the design and development of emulsion - Essay Example

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Emulsion is the process of dispersing the mixure of two or more immiscible liquids while. Emulsions are the mixture of the immiscible liquids where in the first liquid is suspended to the second liquid.
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Factors to consider for the design and development of emulsion
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"Factors to consider for the design and development of emulsion"

Emulsion is the process of dispersing the mixure of two or more immiscible liquids while. Emulsions are the mixture of the immiscible liquids where in the first liquid is suspended to the second liquid. A very common example of this mixture is oil-in-water or water-in-oil. It is very important to know the identity of the chemicals you are dealing with when applying emulsion. Physically, the mixture of two immiscible liquids is very visible to the eyes because of the phase interfaces of scattered light passing through the emulsion. System of immiscible liquids is understood by integration of models at different length scales.The ultimate goal of emulsion is to know and understand the main factors of dispersion of the mixture. STABILITY is one factor to consider because Emulsions are unstable and thus do not form spontaneously. Energy input are needed to form emulsion. To develop emulsion is through shaking of the mixture, or stirring, or homogenizing and lastly, or by spraying. Addition of surfactants can also stable the formed emulsion even if the mixture is stored for a long time. Coalescence is another form wherein the small droplets recom- to form bigger ones. Lastly, Emulsion will also take place under the influence of buoyancy or centripetal force with the use of centrifuge.Another factor to consider is DENSITY, wherein particles form clumps or creaming and tends to concentrate towards the surface or bottom of the mixture depending on the relative density of the two phases. Read More
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Factors to Consider for the Design and Development of Emulsion Essay.
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