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Coal chemical looping - Research Paper Example

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Coal Chemical Looping Name University Coal Chemical Looping The increasing demand for energy across the globe has been stimulated by the growth in populations and the development of businesses which seek to satisfy their objectives of expansion by seeking cost-efficient sources of power…
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Coal chemical looping
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"Coal chemical looping"

Download file to see previous pages As it has been reported that the global demand for energy is likely to be fulfilled by the exploitation and utilization of fossil fuels in decades to come, the need for developing effective systems for the capture and storage of CO2 has become indispensible (Yue 2010). While, the significance of this observation is undeniable the present systems and frameworks which are utilized extensively in the industry are inadequate and do not support the advancement of certain aims and objectives that are associated with the development of suitable technologies. As noted by Yue (2010), present solutions for solving the issue are marked by the absence of cost-efficiency, capture efficiency and conversion efficiency which is an alarming scenario for both researchers and analysts alike. This observation proposes that the technology of chemical looping combustion (CLC) and its related processes have emerged as an innovation which presents numerous prospects and opportunities for the development of energy and power-related technologies by minimizing the risks, limitations and drawbacks that are associated with the solutions that are currently and presently available within the industry. Numerous studies and researches have established that the CLC technology boosts of impressive efficiency rates for the purpose of producing electricity and hydrogen in scenarios where the system of gasification is associated and integrated within the chemical looping technology (Yue 2010). Since the inception of the innovation, empirical studies have also been able to establish the types of suitable components that should be installed within an effective CLC system to maximize desired outcomes. This aspect involves the selection of solid fuels that can be used in chemical looping in addition with the oxygen carriers which have the potential to enhance the oxidation process. Even though, these observations have revealed the possibility of utilizing an extensive range of carbonaceous fuels and carriers, the scope of this paper focuses on the process of coal chemical looping such as the coal-direct looping process and the process of syngas chemical looping. Furthermore, the paper also explores the practical applications of chemical looping combustion in organizations such as General Electric and Alstom. In conclusion the research examines the advantages, challenges and limitations that are associated with the process of coal chemical looping in the light of recent researches and studies. The application of chemical looping combustion (CLC) processes is a revolutionary advancement and innovation in the industry, as stated by Yue (2010): Chemical-looping combustion (CLC) is a new alternative to conventional combustion that prevents the CO2 from being mixed in the combustion gases. This is accomplished by preventing the air-N2 to be present in the part of the reactor system where the oxidation of the fuel takes place. (p. 527) The introduction and subsequent incorporation of chemical looping techniques and strategies was impelled by the absence of frameworks that could be applied for the separation and conversion of chemicals during the occurrence of various product-related procedures (Fan 2011). While, this observation is reflective of the traditional demands and needs which initially required the launch of chemical looping techniques, contemporary applications of chemical looping essentially aim to fulfill the need of establishing a modern, optimized and effective ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Coal Chemical Looping Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words)
Coal Chemical Looping Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
“Coal Chemical Looping Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words”, n.d.
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