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Homework - Assignment Example

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This is a process that basically includes the change in form of the originally existing rocks.
Then a chemical and physical change occurs to the rock…
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Homework assignment
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Download file to see previous pages This kind of reaction causes a friction that helps in the transformation of the existing rocks to form the amorphous rock (Press, F., R. Siever, J. Grotzinger & T. H. Jordan, 2003).
However, a series of researches have also reported that the amorphous rocks can result from other processes like magma, very hot sediment that may come as a result of earth movements like volcanic eruptions. After their sedimentation and subsequent cooling, the amorphous rock is formed.
Actually, for this rock to be used in construction process, it must be specially prepared through a series of processes. First, an appropriate mining method is used before it is taken to the industry to be given a series of chemical treatment where it will be given color, shape, texture and be put in the right shape to be used in construction. For instance, being that it can be used in making the bathroom tiles means that it should be accorded a kind of finishinthat will make it be so smooth and shiny.
The type of igneous rock used in the construction of houses is the granite. It is just because it posses the right qualities necessary for the building and construction of various parts of a building structure (Press, F., R. Siever, J. Grotzinger & T. H. Jordan, 2003).
According to the geological researches, the igneous rock is formed through a process of cooling and solidification of lava or magma. The magma undergoes a crystallization process either intrusively or extrinsively. In this case, the intrinsic crystallization occurs when the process occurs underneath the surface of the earth. On the other hand, extrinsic crystallization occurs on the surface of the earth mainly from volcanic eruptions.
In order to process the materials from this rock, an appropriate mining method is used before it is taken to the industry to be given a series of chemical treatment where it will be given color, shape, texture and be put in the right shape to be used in ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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