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Fossil fuel has no future: we need to develop renewable energy - Essay Example

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A search for new sources of energy has always been on the top of the research priorities for scientists from across the world since time immemorial. Since the first case of fossil fuels’ finding, man has developed many ways to locate great stores and devised machines to extract them for the economic purposes. …
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Fossil fuel has no future: we need to develop renewable energy
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"Fossil fuel has no future: we need to develop renewable energy"

Download file to see previous pages This essay is aimed at critically examining the facts that stands to prove the argument that development of renewable sources of energy is to be made the supreme concern of the present-day world. A careful observation of the developments in the field of consumption of energy sources highlights a number of disadvantages of the excessive dependence on natural resources. Even though their widespread popularity and easy availability are matters to be credited for, the very fact that they are simply perishable after a limited period of time is thought provoking. Majority of the world believe that the prices of petroleum products are going to decline with the findings of their new and enormous collections in the unforeseen locations on the surface of the earth. Moreover, scientific development in the current intelligence level is also capable of exploring the almost unreachable locations to find the energy buried under the oceans, deserts and dense forests across the uninhabited regions of the world. It is not necessary to go on investigating the uses of petroleum under the present conditions to know its importance in our day-to-day life. From lighting to cooking in the domestic demands and from locomotion to electricity generation, fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum are the greatest providers of energy in various forms. The most important significance of fossil fuels is their reduced cost of production and accuracy of the expected output from the process of mining. Besides this, they are portable and easily to process the purification tasks for deriving different categories of products. Since the uses of fossil fuels and their converted forms of energy are widely popular, the study of their advantages and disadvantages becomes increasingly prominent in the context where they cannot be renewed by human endeavour. A list of things can be identified as their advantages; they are capable of providing resources for huge amount of electric energy in a single location. Apart from this, they are easy to find in abundance, especially coal, which is the largest raw material for the power production in thermal power plants across the world. Moreover, it must be approved that the transportation of petroleum and natural gas is also easy through pipelines whereby saving time and effort to a great extent (Fossil Fuels: Their Advantages and Disadvantages). While a majority of the factors are in support of the continued excavations for non-renewable resources, their physical and chemical hazards are not ignorable. Carbon clouding and the emission of many kinds of hazardous oxides of different gases pose a great threat to the environment when the petroleum and coal are used as energy sources. The combustion of certain natural gases generates toxic gases with heavy impacts of the greenhouse effect. Heavy consumption of resources and the geophysical impacts of the extraction of mines and oil reserves stand as a challenge facing the world now. It can also have an enormous amount of threat to the biodiversity of the flora, fauna and the aquatic lives. Further, it is evident that the business and the kindness cannot be maintained as a combination in an industry; therefore, the giant ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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