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What Sources of Renewable Energy have been Implemented within the UK - Assignment Example

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 This assignment " What Sources of Renewable Energy have been Implemented within the UK?" discusses many new and innovative solutions for renewable energy courses in the United Kingdom. the assignment analyses good and productive use of such renewable and unconventional sources of energy…
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What Sources of Renewable Energy have been Implemented within the UK
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Extract of sample "What Sources of Renewable Energy have been Implemented within the UK"

Download file to see previous pages Renewable energy technologies are viewed as essential contributors to sustainable energy development alternatives as they generally add to the safety of global energy, through the process of alleviating dependence on fossil fuel resources, thus reducing unhealthy influences of harmful greenhouse gases. In the connection, it cannot be helped mentioning that the South West parts of England have been at the forefront of creating and sustaining renewable energy sources during the last few decades or so. “The region is beginning to capture some of that potential. It was a pioneer in wind energy with the first-ever commercial wind farm being established in Cornwall in 1991. In addition to a number of wind farms and several small hydro sites the South West has a growing number of renewable energy plants based on biomass, waste, ground source heat and solar energy.” (Regional Renewable Energy Strategy for the South West of England 2003-2010, 2003).

Besides wind energy, other unconventional and innovative renewable energy sources are also being explored. The fundamental action that is being undertaken is to institute a regional office for renewable energy, and in accordance with this requirement, a Regional Centre for renewable energy needs, with incipient funds coming from the South West RDA, has established Regen SW to take up this onerous task. This would definitely serve as a catalyst agent and help in the implementation of the plans and programs with regard to the distribution of alternative renewable energy resources in this region. Besides, the main purpose of these large projects is to help the local population and industry become self-sustaining in their energy needs, especially in the not-to-distant future, wherein energy needs and demand fulfillment would be major constraints that need to be carefully assessed and regulated.
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