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Forensic science - Essay Example

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FORENSIC SCIENCE Name Institution Use examples and explanations to illustrate current methods in semen quality assurance Forensic science represents the criminal justice while the clinical laboratory science represents the health care industry. The health and safety of an individual depends on the integrity of the product in several occasions…
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Forensic science
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"Forensic science"

Download file to see previous pages 165) This is essential because it ensures the integrity of forensic science before proceeding to the court. Even though, the clinical laboratories have been working based on the national regulatory scheme since 1968, forensic science does not a similar scheme (Neufeld 2005 p. 107). Consequently, this has reduced the level of protection for the evidence and measures to investigate, and address the discovered abuses (Moore 2007, p. 127). Quality assurance is an important concept that should be considered during crime investigation because most criminal trials depend on expert testimony. Consequently, mistakes in the expert testimony pose several challenges. The use forensic science when investigating different criminal incidences is not reliable because it offers invalid results. Additionally, the process is biased because it lacks enough internal control for the evidence (Birkhead & Hosken 2009, p. 575) Semen quality assurance refers to the test conducted in the crime laboratories using the victims’ semen to determine whether the victims were involved in crime or not. Currently, there are different methods used in the measurement of semen quality assurance. The most applicable methods include serology and DNA typing (Higgins 2009, p. 45). These methods can be applied in a criminal case to determine whether the suspect is responsible. ...
Furthermore, the girl’s bed sheets with scattered hair were also collected. After the victim described the perpetrator, the police came up with a sketch that resembled the suspect. The victim identified the suspect as the rapist once they got to his hideout (Neufeld 2005, p. 107). Serology can determine the victim’s semen through the quality assurance approach. This can support the prosecutor when securing a conviction. The lab serologist will take the girl’s body fluid found in the semen and test whether they match with the accused blood type. Scientific standards discourage serologists from drawing inferences about the semen’s source when they are not sure though this method is commonly used when investigating crimes (Ishmael 2005, p. 13). Based on the case, crime laboratories can use DNA typing method to match whether the semen recovered from the girl’s underpants match the DNA profile of the suspect. This criminal investigation process is not reliable because DNA experts states that only 20% of the total violent crimes benefit from the evidence resulting from DNA testing. This is because most of the forensic discipline applying the DNA method lacks the needed scientific dimensions that support the performance standards (Jeyendran 2003, p. 127). It is essential to consider the application of good forensic science in DNA typing method. This is because forensic scientists discovered lab misconduct in arresting, indicting and convicting an innocent person. Criminal cases that include forensic science investigations should take meaningful precautions to guard against meaningless science and unreliable results (Bjorndahl, Mortimer & David 2009, p. 17). The forensic scientist should ensure that before they walk into the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Forensic Science Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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...from the side of the driver to the passenger’s side. The bullets that killed Cassandra and Abigayle originated from the position at the front passenger seat’s left shoulder. Blake, who sat directly behind his mother’s seat, was the last to be murdered. After killing his family, Christopher grazed his wrist and left thigh and then put the gun at the feet of his dead wife. On the strength of these findings, Christopher Vaughn would be sentenced to life imprisonment. References Benecke, M., & Barksdale, L. (2003). Distinction of Bloodstain Patterns from Fly Artifacts. Forensic Science International, 137, 152-159. Englert, R., & Passero, K. (2010). Blood Secrets: Chronicles of a crime scene...
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Forensic Science 4.5 they are already sterile and are more functional as swabs. Swabbing is useless in taking out blood samples from walls or even from tables or chairs (Gaensslen, Harris & Lee, 2008). Scraping comprises of utilizing an instrument with a straight or sharply edged face to scrape off the dried blood samples from a surface and to place it onto a clean laboratory glass plate or any other kind of paper that is suitable. The process of scrapping can be utilized while taking blood samples from the floors or from the corner of doors. According to the forensic investigators Elution is to be taken as a last resort method to preserve blood samples from the crime scenes. This is a method that cannot be conducted by every inspector...
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