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Nano-Thermal Analysis - Essay Example

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ANALYSIS OF PHARMACEUTICAL COMPOUNDS AND VARIOUS POLYMERS The optimization of API (active constituent of drug) for a dosage form of the drug requires the information about various properties like its solubility, dissolution, permeability rate, hygroscopicity, corrosion, porosity etc…
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Nano-Thermal Analysis
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"Nano-Thermal Analysis"

Download file to see previous pages hydrate & solvent 4) Assay development UV, HPLC, TLC 5) Stability       In Solution Thermal, hydrolysis, pH     In solid state Oxidation, proteolysis metal ion Derived properties   6) Microscopy Particle size and morphology 7) Bulk density Tablet and capsule formation 8) Flow properties Tablet and capsule formation 9) Compression properties Acid / excipient choice 10) Excipient compatibility Preliminary screen by DSC, Conformation by TLC POLYMORPHIC COMPOUNDS There are certain compounds that exist in more then one crystalline forms, this property is called polymorphism. Its evaluation is desirable during pre-formulation studies if the drug constitutes the major portion of the dosage form. Only one form of the polymorphic compound is thermodynamically active at a given temperature and pressure. Techniques for investigation for the stable form of polymorphs are microscopy (hot stage microscopy, X-ray diffraction, IR spectrophotometer, thermal analysis and dilalometry.(Brittain,2009) THERMAL ANALYSIS It is the branch of science that deals with the properties of material that change with temperature. For the measurement of such properties various methods are used. the techniques all follow the change of specific physical property by the change of temperature or time in the specifically controlled environment, since moisture and temperature are the basic factors effecting the stability of the pharmaceutical compounds thus we take temperature to measure various parameters.(Menczel,2009) Thermal analysis Instrumental technique for describing various properties General method Acronym Property measured Application Differential scanning calorimetry DSC ?T, differential power input Measurement of kinetics Differential thermal analysis DTA ?T chemistry, pharmaceuticals, polymers Thermo- gravimetric Analysis TGA Mass composition, extent of cure, stability Thermo-mechanical Analysis TMA Length or volume Shear and torsion modulus of films, fibers, laminates adhesives Dynamic mechanical Analysis DMA Viscoelastic properties rheological properties Dielectric Analysis DEA Dielectric properties isothermal crystallization Nano/micro-thermal Analysis n-TA Penetration, ?T Surface properties of solid dosage form THERMAL ANALYSIS OF PHARMACEUTICAL MATERIALS AND POLYMERS Techniques such as DSC, TG can investigate the transformation during polymorphic conversion.TGA is often used to measure residual solvents and moisture and solubility of the active materials in solvents. Polymers represent another large are for the application of thermal analysis, analysis of composite material such as glass or epoxy composites, analysis of raw material of packaging, effects of additives used in packaging material determined.TGA can also be used for fiber content determination of the composite. NANO-THERMAL ANALYSIS it is the local thermal analysis technique that allows obtaining understanding of thermal behavior of the materials combined with high spatial resolution imaging capabilities of the Atomic Force Microscopy with a spatial resolution ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Nano-Thermal Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d.
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