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Describe the Features of Different Types of Business Travel and Accommodation - Essay Example

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This is the "Describe the Features of Different Types of Business Travel and Accommodation" essay. When it comes to business trips, it calls for proper planning while operating within budget limits provided by the firm to cater for trip costs. …
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Extract of sample "Describe the Features of Different Types of Business Travel and Accommodation"

Download file to see previous pages We describe the features of different types of business travel and accommodation. There are a series of available factors that need consideration when formulating decisions. The process includes decisions on aspects of the nature of transport or accommodation. The decisions are dependent on the cost, destination, and convenience. The options are weighed against the allocated budget to develop a convenient option for both the business and travelers. Lastly, the option selected should be close to the destination and lead to a reduction in the travel time. The main factor is the traveling location. However, there are many other related travel options which are available:
  • Through plane: Many options are available when it comes to flying. For instance, there is a business or economy class that the company can opt for depending on the available budget. Other additional options include whether the business can afford the costs for the quality of the flight. Such business costs include seat allocation, priority boarding, or other related seating options available on the plane. It is important to note that these form part of the additional costs. Hence, it needs cross-referencing to ensure the company entertains the accommodation of luxuries at the expense of the allocated budget.
  • The train is also another viable option: In comparison to the plane option, there are a series of possible options that relate to selecting the train options. The firm can opt for first-class seating for employees or the economical choice for standard seating. The selection should fit with the budget limits of the firm. Bus tickets offer another viable traveling option to reach the starting point of the company.
  • The last available option is by car: The firm can decide to hire the traveling car for the workers to make the journey to the selected location. An added option includes servicing the firm's car in case it is available for the journey. For cutting down on the cost incurred during the journey, the company can opt for an employee to use their personal vehicle. The business incurs the cost of petrol, food, and other related expenses in case the drive takes a pit stop.
Compared to travel, there are other options on how to accommodate the workers: The company can opt for the hotel option to accommodate an employee. There is a full variety of facilities which relate to the hotel service. Therefore, this will make for a comfortable stay for the employees, making it convenient. However, this mainly lies within the budget set by the company to accommodate the workers and its limits. In case you need to accommodate the workers, it can only last two or three nights. The hotels provide a convenient option to accommodate for a long time frame but can be costly. In case the duration of the accommodation is prolonged, an apartment provides a viable option. An apartment is cost-effective for accommodation. An apartment can offer many facilities to accommodate workers inclusive of washing machines. It also can offer more space in comparison to hotels. An employee also has the alternative of either take-outs or making their own meals based on their schedule. This prevents the habit of relying on the schedule by hotels for food allocation. Another alternative that could come in handy is bed and breakfast in a guest house. Bed and breakfast offer precisely what is in its name as a total package to accommodate the workers. This includes a room to accommodate for the night and breakfast in the morning. Other guest houses give guests the chance to choose one or two of the meals that are part of the deal. The offer is the cheapest form of accommodation, especially for a short-term trip. Bed and breakfast offer a cheap means that keeps the business cost low. As part of my employee role at Sanford's, the task does not fall under my job description. Sinead takes charge by acting as the business secretary and receptionist simultaneously. I completed the task effectively by working under Sinead. I earned a slot as an office administrator before completing my apprenticeship at the office. I have learned different administrative roles, such as proper documentation of the related records for business travel and accommodation. While learning these tasks during my apprenticeship, I can arrange the nosiness travel alongside Sinead in the development of my skills. I feel confident and capable of taking on responsibility when completing my training. Upon completing my apprenticeship, I will take up my responsibility as an employee to craft my skills and prepare for my future work. I will take charge of the arrangement of the business through the experience garnered under Sinead.         ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Describe the Features of Different Types of Business Travel and Accomm Essay.
(Describe the Features of Different Types of Business Travel and Accomm Essay)
Describe the Features of Different Types of Business Travel and Accomm Essay.
“Describe the Features of Different Types of Business Travel and Accomm Essay”.
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