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Export and Import Industry and Business Culture in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Literature review Example

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 This review seeks to analyze the cultural perspective of doing business in a country other than the United States. The country that is selected for the analysis is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The review compares the Saudis’ major elements and dimensions with those of the U.S…
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Export and Import Industry and Business Culture in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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Extract of sample "Export and Import Industry and Business Culture in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia"

Download file to see previous pages Chang (2002) further noted that with the continued integration of different economic blocks that is facilitated by international trade or export and import, it is imperative to perform quality business management from a cross-cultural perspective. This is because people from different cultures and countries are bound to conduct business with each other or work together, and hence for a smooth and successful business operation, cross-cultural perspective should be adopted while conducting the aforementioned business operations or interactions.
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is widely revered for being the second-largest Arab country in the world after Algeria, secondly, it is the birthplace of Islam, thirdly and most important is the fact that it currently posses the World’s largest oil reserves (House, 2012). The fact that Saudi Arabia is a key exporter of oil, of which 95% of its total exports are oil and related products, it means that American businesses, as well as the government, have a strategic interest in the country because of this ‘black gold’.

The research paper will seek to determine the major elements and dimension of the business culture in Saudi Arabia, and how the Saudis integrate these elements and dimensions while conducting business.  Lastly, the research paper will determine the challenges for U.S businesses that wish to conduct business in Saudi Arabia.

According to House (2012), the main element of the business culture in Saudi Arabia is the fact that the business culture is highly influenced and inclined towards Islamic teachings, which means that the culture mainly reflects Islamic principles that pertain to conducting business. House (2012) further added that religion is associated with every aspect of business as well as life and therefore, success in business is perceived as God’s will and failure in business is attributed to God’s own doing. Therefore, fatalism is part of the Saudis business culture. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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