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Global Marketing Plan Report in Saudi Arabian market - Assignment Example

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In the research paper “Global Marketing Plan Report in Saudi Arabian market” the author focuses on potentials to enter in this market for the UK based retail company. Saudi Arabian market has been the centre of the Middle East economy…
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Global Marketing Plan Report in Saudi Arabian market
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Extract of sample "Global Marketing Plan Report in Saudi Arabian market"

Download file to see previous pages The company wants to enter in the market of Saudi Arabia. In this context, the market of Saudi Arabia will be analysed with respect to different parameters. The analysis of the market will help to bring out the potential and threats of the market for the international business operations. This report will assist to provide details about marketing opportunities and potentials for the global business environment. Background of Argos Ltd Argos Ltd is the UK based retail firm that operates as a multi-channel retailer recognised for delivering value, choice and convenience to the customers. The company offers general merchandise and products for home through their 700 stores located in the UK market and Republic of Ireland along with online and telephone assistance. During the financial year of 2010, the company had been able to generate more than ?4.30 billion with the workforce of 33,000 across the business segments. The company serves more than 130 million customers annually. They are able to generate sales through the internet that consists of 26% of the total sales. These are few of the reasons for selecting the company for the analysis (Argos Limited, 2011). Marketing Plan Considering the Business Environment In order to identify the various aspects of Saudi Arabian retail market, SWOT analysis will be conducted which will bring out strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats prevalent in the market. Strengths The Fast Moving Consumable Goods (FMCG) segment of Saudi Arabia shows huge potential. There are more than 24.20 million people out of which 7.0 million are non-Saudi residents consuming FMCG goods (Mousa, 2009). The retail sector of Saudi Arabia is expected to grow by a hopping US$ 125 billion by 2014 as there are several international brands planning to enter the retail market of Saudi Arabia. In the global retail ranking, Saudi Arabia has positioned itself in the ninth place. The market has been able to attract many international retailers and had overtaken well-known retail destinations such as Russia, Hong Kong and Japan. More than 43% of international brands are attracted towards this retail destination. The present micro as well as macro economic factors such as population growth and local infrastructural expenditure on new cities highlights Saudi Arabia’s rising influence as a retail destination to expand to (Sambidge, 2010). Weaknesses The economy is highly dependent upon oil industry. The fluctuation in the price of oil creates imbalance in the economic situation. In addition, there are several political threats that make the country’s environment unfavourable for business. There had been huge decrease in the employment rate in 2009 and its effect is still seen in current year by considerable extent. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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