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Impressions Adco Corporation Inc - Assignment Example

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In the following paper “Impressions Adco Corporation Inc.” the author looks at a global IT company with its headquarters in New York, USA. The company is involved in the designing, development, manufacturing, and distribution of computer systems…
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Impressions Adco Corporation Inc
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Extract of sample "Impressions Adco Corporation Inc"

Download file to see previous pages Financial ratios are used to analyze the performances of companies (Beaver, 1966) as well as compare one firm with the other (Lev, 1969). This report, therefore, uses the financial ratios to identify the performance levels of these two subsidiaries. The report also highlights and comments on the business performances of these companies. The last section of the report analyses the argument presented by Elliot and Elliot (2011) that financial ratios are important tools for the management but these ratios ignore important factors. The arguments presented by other scholars, authors and books have been used to comment on the argument of Elliot and Elliot (2011).
The profitability ratios show that the Westwood has performed better in comparison to Essakane. Return on capital employed of Westwood is almost 72% more than Essakane and thus it shows that Westwood has used its capital in a better way to earn profits. So, Westwood has been able to make more profits from each unit of capital.
The net profit margin of Essakane has been less than the net profit margin of Westwood. It is indicating that the ratio of cost and expenses of Essakane is more in comparison to the ratio of cost and expenses of Westwood. Moreover, Essakane is able to generate less net profits from the total revenue in comparison to Westwood. Thus, the net profit margin of Essakane is less.
The return on equity of Westwood is almost 74% more than the ROE of Essakane. Thus it is indicating that Westwood is using equity in a better way to generate more profits out of it. The return on equity of Westwood is 16.75% whereas the ROE of Essakane is only 9.63% thus indicating a major difference in ROE of the two subsidiaries.
Return on assets of Essakane is 8.61% in comparison to the ROA of Westwood which is 15.88%. The ratio indicates that Essakane is not able to use its total assets and not generate sufficient and comparable profits than Westwood. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Impressions Adco Corporation Inc Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1833 Words)
Impressions Adco Corporation Inc Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1833 Words.
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