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Affordable and Practical Alternative to the Costly Medications - Business Plan Example

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This paper "Affordable and Practical Alternative to the Costly Medications" focuses on the fact that the product is a tissue/plaster infused with gel to aid the fast recovery of surgical wounds. The customers of this product will be patients who undergo surgery, especially those in hospitals…
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Affordable and Practical Alternative to the Costly Medications
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Extract of sample "Affordable and Practical Alternative to the Costly Medications"

Download file to see previous pages The gel in the product is filled with the necessary nutrients needed for the healing of the wound such as the required proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, phospholipids, mineral components, vitamins, and water. With all these incorporated into the plaster/tissue, the wound is expected to heal faster, thus cutting short the length of time that the patient stays in the hospital. The body’s tissues are composed of single living cells grouped together. And each tissue is made of its own specialized cells in order to be formed (Anon., 2010).

However, whatever tissue it may be, it needs the necessary nutrients in order to regenerate, and all those are present in the gel incorporated in the tissue/plaster. With the product being affordable also, it allows the patient to save on the treatment, the hospital bills, and lost income since the patient can be able to do the things that he is supposed to sooner. For the hospitals, it provides the opportunity of welcoming more patients and cutting down on the expenses of post-surgical patients’ monitoring, considering the decreasing number of staff nurses in hospitals. With such advantages, the future of the business and the industry is considered lucrative. Changes in technology that may prompt modifications or improvements in the product are viewed as long term changes. Short term changes considered are only modifications in the product’s design in packaging, and perhaps how the product will look physically, as its shape and size may be altered, or be made as additional products as the demands for it from the market proves essential.

Mission Statement: The Company exists to provide an affordable and practical alternative to the costly medications and procedures that come after surgeries, as well as to provide opportunities that make it winning for both the hospitals and the patients.

Objectives: The goal of the company is to be around in the market as long as possible so that such services and products can still be made available to the public. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Affordable and Practical Alternative to the Costly Medications Business Plan, n.d.)
Affordable and Practical Alternative to the Costly Medications Business Plan.
(Affordable and Practical Alternative to the Costly Medications Business Plan)
Affordable and Practical Alternative to the Costly Medications Business Plan.
“Affordable and Practical Alternative to the Costly Medications Business Plan”.
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