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The Use of English Within Hong Both in the Business and Professional Circles - Research Paper Example

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This paper shall seek to explore the role played by English within Hong Kong especially in the professional and business domains. By so doing, the paper shall delve into its development in the country. Factors which have enabled for its spread shall also be analyzed in this regard…
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The Use of English Within Hong Both in the Business and Professional Circles
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Extract of sample "The Use of English Within Hong Both in the Business and Professional Circles"

Download file to see previous pages According to Evans and Green, (2003), the current status of English in this nation has often been cited to be unique. This can be attributed to the fact that it is not possible for one to fit into the well-known categories; or models which are usually used to capture the different ways through which this language is acquired or used across the globe. However, recent studies in the use of English in the international sphere have been able to classify Hong Kong to be a member of the outer circle with respect to the global English-using communities. A careful investigation into the functions, status alongside its penetration reveal that neither the Kachru’s model of English expansion nor the conventional categorization in terms of ESL or EFL does not describe in detail the role which this language has played in Hong Kong’s society since it was introduced in the 1840s by the British. Evans and Green, (2003), argue that during this time, Hong Kong exhibited a majority of the features of the outer-circle model since English was used principally by the government, both tertiary and secondary education, the legal system; and among the upper echelons of the professional and business sectors. Unlike in the former systems, was mostly used in written form within the latter two sectors. However, the use of English among the Hong Kong Chinese was restricted to the workplaces or education sectors. This can be justified by the idea that this native community had very little or no desire to learn the language since they were using Cantonese as their sole lingua franca. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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