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How Can Creativity in the Clothing Industry Be Measured - Coursework Example

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The paper “How Can Creativity in the Clothing Industry Be Measured?” explains that the creative part in creating clothes is determined by reputable experts who conduct training and testing of employees so that the latter can think nonstandard, find a balance between experimentation and routine…
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How Can Creativity in the Clothing Industry Be Measured
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Download file to see previous pages Creativity requires that a person turns any imagined idea into reality through the process of thinking about the idea and then producing a tangible product that will be highly admired by the final consumers thus generating sales revenue for the company. For someone to emerge creatively then one should be very passionate about the idea that they possess and then put on a lot of commitment to the idea so that it cannot fail in the future. Once the product is made then the maker is considered to be creative and is considered to have the ability to stimulate and generate more ideas in the market.
The clothing industry is involved in different kinds of activities such as manufacturing and treating materials that are used for making garments for any organization in this industry. The different kind of product manufactured involves; hosiery that is socks and tights, knitting and making of inner and outer garments. It has been observed that labor costs and inflation can highly contribute to the poor performance of a company and eventually affecting the revenue generated by the industry.
During the 1980s Italy recorded a high rate of clothes production which led to the fragmentation of the clothing and textile industries. The rate of production of clothes was quite high leading to an introduction of the different kinds of technologies that were introduced in order to solve the problems of stock levels within the industry. The Electronic Point of Sale System (EPOS) is a system that allowed the users to monitor stocks levels and the fast selling goods in the market as it was efficient and precise in its operation.
The clothing industry is faced with many different kinds of problems such as low sales volume and low wage rates for the workers leading to a high labor turnover as most people cannot meet their basic needs. The industry employs women to undertake tasks within the industry. It has been noted that women have many responsibilities such as caring for their children, therefore, may not perform well within the clothing industry hence low sales for the organization. The environmental conditions within the company may not be favorable to the workers and therefore employees may not perform perfectly in the tasks assigned to them.
The industry is too detailed and therefore requires close attention and monitoring, but the employees are paid on the basis of the pieces of materials they have prepared within a specified period of time and this demoralizes the employees as they cannot meet their basic needs within the stipulated period of time. Employment in this industry is seasonal since it changes as fashion changes therefore the old stock of the industry may tie up cash due to this situation. The low wages of the industry has been as a result of its production of small amounts of commodities to meet the needs of its people at the appropriate time. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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