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An Exploration of the Impact of Brand Personality on Consumer Decision Making - Thesis Example

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"An Exploration of the Impact of Brand Personality on Consumer Decision Making" paper seeks to explain and examine the relationships between these areas and explain the nuances as well as linkages that make brand personality an important part of the consumer decision-making process. …
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An Exploration of the Impact of Brand Personality on Consumer Decision Making
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Extract of sample "An Exploration of the Impact of Brand Personality on Consumer Decision Making"

Download file to see previous pages In order to gain a level of commitment from consumers, a brand must establish some sort of relationship as well as an image that transmits and provides them with a reason or reasons to act upon that foundation. In delving into this study, certain keywords as represented by its purpose, are integral to understanding the foregoing. A brand, according to the Concise Dictionary of Business Management (Statt, p. 17) is “A mark, name, logo or trademark that identifies a product or services or organization and distinguishes it from its competitors. It is studied, brand personality encompasses branding, which the Concise Dictionary of Business Management (Statt, p. 17) defines as “The use of a brand to describe a product service or organization”. In considering the term brand personality one needs to understand that it means “1. the quality or condition of being a person … the totality of qualities and traits … that are peculiar to a specific person … the pattern of collective character, behavioral, temperamental, emotional, and mental traits …” In equating the preceding application to brand personality, substituting a brand for a person provides the context. Aaker (1996, p. 45) tells us that “The brand personality provides depth, feelings and liking to the relationship”. He adds that “Of course, a brand-customer relationship can also be based on a functional benefit, just as two people can have a strictly business relationship” (Aaker, 1996, p. 45).

The preceding brief exploration has sought to acquaint you with the foundational precepts in this exploration that includes the third facet, consumer decision making. This last area represents the core question and focus of marketing professionals for over 70 years, with its roots tracing back approximately 300 years as led by economist Nicholas Bernoulli (Machina, 2008, pp. 124-126). Bernoulli’s groundbreaking work paved the way for von Neumann and Morgenstern who extended his work into what is called the Utility Theory (Machina, 2008, pp. 124-126).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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An Exploration of the Impact of Brand Personality on Consumer Decision Thesis.
(An Exploration of the Impact of Brand Personality on Consumer Decision Thesis)
An Exploration of the Impact of Brand Personality on Consumer Decision Thesis.
“An Exploration of the Impact of Brand Personality on Consumer Decision Thesis”.
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