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Regulation of Air Travel on Environmental Grounds - Case Study Example

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This case study "Regulation of Air Travel on Environmental Grounds" discusses some of the major issues of concern for the government as well as for the nation as a whole include climate change, rise in the emission of poisonous gases, greenhouse effect, rising air and noise pollution due to increase in air traffic, etc. …
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Regulation of Air Travel on Environmental Grounds
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Extract of sample "Regulation of Air Travel on Environmental Grounds"

Download file to see previous pages In the wake of such a rapid rise in the popularity and acceptability of air travel as a convenient mode of transport and the resultant atmospheric changes is an issue of grave concern. It is thus the responsibility of the governing bodies of respective nations to acknowledge the hazards of such a trend and develop and adopt stringent measures to curb the same.
This report seeks to highlight these issues, provide a discussion on the basis of various evidence in this regard and suggest alternative solutions and recommendations for implementing appropriate policies and framework with a view to ensure that the aviation industry continues to contribute towards the development of the nation at the same time achieving an acceptable degree of environmental balance.
The Greenpeace Foundation (International) is an independent international organization, established in 1971 by a small team of activists from Canada, that propagates campaigning of causes concerning the global environment and strives to initiate appropriate measures to bring about a change in the attitudes and approach of people across the globe by raising awareness about such severe issues as an energy revolution, conserving natural resources such as oceans and forests, issues stressing the need for disarmament and peace, creation of a toxic-free future, as well as campaigning for sustainable agriculture among several others. Its goals and objectives include addressing issues concerning the environment and take prompt action to resolve them. Its core values lie in exposing the threats to the environment and preventing environmental destruction by finding appropriate and feasible solutions to the problems, ensuring financial and political independence of the organization, encouraging open debates on various topics addressing environmental issues affecting the society at large, etc. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Regulation of Air Travel on Environmental Grounds Case Study.
(Regulation of Air Travel on Environmental Grounds Case Study)
Regulation of Air Travel on Environmental Grounds Case Study.
“Regulation of Air Travel on Environmental Grounds Case Study”.
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