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The Impact of the Ash Cloud Resulting the Eruption of an Icelandic Volcano In 2010 - Essay Example

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This paper 'The Impact of the Ash Cloud Resulting the Eruption of an Icelandic Volcano In 2010" focuses on the fact that volcanic ash is made of tiny rock particles, which get easily carried through the air. It also has a variety of gases and acids like sulphur dioxide, carbon-di-oxide. …
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The Impact of the Ash Cloud Resulting the Eruption of an Icelandic Volcano In 2010
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Extract of sample "The Impact of the Ash Cloud Resulting the Eruption of an Icelandic Volcano In 2010"

Download file to see previous pages The cold caused the lava to cool suddenly and form minuscule particles of glass in the air and got carried in the ash plume (Volcanic ash cloud-latest situation, N.D & Blum, 2010)
Because of volcanic ash, the sensors of planes can get clogged and can coat up the entire plane. Hence the weight of the plane gets increased and the delicate balance is disturbed. Also, there is a risk that the plume of the volcano might get clogged and melt due to the enormous heat of the engine of the plane and jam the machinery. Jet planes in the past had all their four engines cut out when they were trying to pass through volcanic ash. The ash, which came out because of the volcanic eruption in Iceland, was rich in fluorine, of intermediate silica content and the particles were very fine. (Blum, 2010 & QA on the eruption in Eyjafjallajokull, Iceland,  (N.D.)

This essay concentrates on the recent volcanic eruption, which took place in Iceland and its effect in other parts of the economy. The essay focuses on the type of impact in nature and the positive and negative outcomes in different sectors.

A large number of flights got cancelled, or they were routed via another way. Loss of revenue because of this incident was small as far as the tourism industry was concerned but all those people who used to send perishable goods via aeroplane faced the maximum difficulty. In some cases, the ashes have been carried to a far of distance because of strong winds and the ashes have landed in open water bodies like reservoirs etc and in some cases in agricultural land as well.

The industry, which has been severely hit because of the volcanic outburst, is the airline industry. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) had estimated that airlines are collectively losing about 130 million pounds per day. This is particularly not a good sign for the airline industry they are expected to lose 1.4 billion pounds this year. Various travel operators like TUI, Europe’s largest tour operator has reported being losing out about five to six million pounds per day.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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