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Contrast and Comparison of two Local Restaurant Service Providers - Essay Example

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This essay describes that the hotels and hospitality industry in general, is rapidly changing. The changes have in turn increased competition among the hotels forcing each to adopt to the changes. Customer loyalty is also key in the hotel industry, mainly because of the competition…
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Contrast and Comparison of two Local Restaurant Service Providers
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Extract of sample "Contrast and Comparison of two Local Restaurant Service Providers"

Download file to see previous pages Despite being a Thai restaurant, Lotus of Siam is a reputable restaurant that has made it into almost all Las Vegas guide books. The restaurant located in a nondescript mall strip offers over one hundred and fifty choices in the menu. It is vital to get familiar with Thai meals before visiting. The place is also highly packed during peak hours, and table reservations are important to avoid long waits that can be up to two hours.
Service in the Lotus of Siam is outstanding considering a large number of customers. The serving staff was helpful and not in a rush. Never at any one time did the serving staffs mix up orders and deliver food to the wrong people. However, there is room for improvement as the ten-minute wait is on the higher side. Chefs went out of their way to prepare amazing mouthwatering food that is pricey although budget friendly meals are available. The food is served hot, unlike most restaurants the soup is thick and not watered down. Also, the food is fresh and not reheated. A wide variety of exotic wine is also available when it comes to drinks. Attention was also paid to the spice as one is required to select a spice level based on a scale of one to ten. The food had a distinctive aroma, and the general appearance of the food is inviting. The hotel setting is more of traditional décor. The interior is simple without unnecessary cluttering. Chandeliers give the right lighting without being excessively bright or dull. The other restaurant is Hash House A Go Go. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Contrast and Comparison of Two Local Restaurant Service Providers Essay.
“Contrast and Comparison of Two Local Restaurant Service Providers Essay”, n.d.
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