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Service Blueprints - Essay Example

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Service Blueprints NAME: AFFILIATION: UNIVERSITY: Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Various Lines of interaction in service blueprint 4 Service Blueprint for leading restaurant in UK 5 Line of Visibility 5 Details of restaurant service blueprint 6 Conclusion 8 References 9 Introduction The service industries are the most crucial element of every developed and developing country as they have the expertise and professionalism in providing exceptional service to their customers…
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Service Blueprints
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Download file to see previous pages According to the researches conducted by Dr. Sabine Moeller (2005) and Wong (2004), humans never get satisfied just by the products that they purchase; in fact, they are looking for the best service as well so that there complete service experience is enhanced. In order to survive in today’s dynamic and competitive environment, the organizations need to design blueprints for their services so that they have clear picture about the level of service as perceived by the customer and what they can do to enhance their experience (Weber and Sparks, 2004). According to Bitner et al. (2007), from the organization’s perspective, the service blueprint is best described as the perfect mix of all the components both physical and non-physical ones and the systems of the services must be designed incorporating appropriate processes of customers and achieving the desired level of service performance. According to Chuang (2007), service blueprint can be best described as “Service blueprinting is the most effective tool used by the service providers for developing a visual template of expressing their goals and desires and link them to the perceptions of the customers and their needs as well with the progress happening in the service delivery process.” Similar to the blueprints used by architects, these service blueprints will act as a communication tool for the service providers and also the service designers as well. The service designers will help their clients in understanding the complete mechanism of the service design and will enable them to keep the track and delivery status and level of their services. The best aspect of the service blueprint is that all the stakeholders can have a visual look at the complete service process and the customers can even discuss any modifications required in the blueprint so the service level of the service providers get enhanced to a much higher level (Spraragen and Chan, 2008). The main aim of the blue print as identified by Mueller et al. (2003) is to ensure that the highest quality of service is provided to the customers and every element important for the customers is incorporated in the service delivery process. Hence, it is rightly stated by Chuang (2007) that the service blueprint is the best tool for helping the service providers in designing appropriate service delivery mechanism so that the customers remain attracted and loyal to the companies. Hence, every service provider must design its service blueprint so that the customers are satisfied with the service quality and are able to generate good stream of revenues as well. Various Lines of interaction in service blueprint According to Dr. Sabine Moeller (2005), there are six major lines in the service blueprints that are crucial for monitoring the level of service provided by the service providers i.e. Line of provider influence (it is the word of mouth about provider or impersonal communication activities or the service provider), line of customer-customer interaction (the moment at which the interaction takes place on a customer level), line of provider-customer interaction (interaction between the customers and providers that is on bilateral level and the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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