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Evaluating Vision And Mission Statements At Harley-Davidson - Essay Example

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THis essay presents that a careful analysis of Harley-Davidson’s mission statement provided in the case study reveals that it has five of the eight characteristics of a good mission statement. An organization competes in the marketplace with a specific purpose…
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Evaluating Vision And Mission Statements At Harley-Davidson
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Extract of sample "Evaluating Vision And Mission Statements At Harley-Davidson"

Download file to see previous pages As the discussion stresses the statement falls short of describing the geographical territory of operations but mentions that the organization offers its products/services in selected market segments. The third characteristic of unique benefits/features/advantages offered is also present as the mission statement declares that Harley-Davidson fulfills dreams through the experience of motorcycling. From this paper it is clear that the mission statement mentions ‘an expanding line of motorcycles and branded products’ alluding to the characteristics of technology used in production/distribution and fundamental concern for survival through growth and profitability.  It is however important to mention that there is no specific information on the technology used by the organization. Likewise, the growth and profitability plans have not been explicitly stated. The mission statement of Harley-Davidson does not specify the values and beliefs and therefore does not bring out the managerial philosophy of the organization. The characteristics of public image sought and self concept are also conspicuous by their absence in Harley-Davidson’s mission statement. Harley-Davidson’s vision statement is lengthy and difficult to remember by heart so it does not possess the first characteristics of being brief. The achievement of the aspirations can be verified by checking the annual reports, sustainability reports, website and press releases of the organization.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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