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The vision and mission of the university in their selves are great challenges a student faces when committing to her upon enrollment. Thus, students should be prepared not only academically but in all aspects of one’s being as well, especially with a person’s spiritual life. …
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Contributing to Pepperdines Mission
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Full Contributing to Pepperdine’s Mission Enrolling at Pepperdine I have been well aware of its ideals of being a Christian school that goes for affecting lives to have a purpose, to serve and become effective leaders. The vision and mission of the university in their selves are great challenges a student faces when committing to her upon enrollment. Thus, students should be prepared not only academically but in all aspects of one’s being as well, especially with a person’s spiritual life. Responding to the mission of the school, I have thus prepared myself to be one in her mission, embracing it as my own. With this, I am binding myself to a lifelong education quest that will not just be limited in the education I get from this school through the course I have enrolled myself into but in everything from which I could learn from. Increasing my knowledge, I am resolved not just to rely on my professors but that I should understand that I also have the responsibility of helping myself as facilities are put to our disposal. Being a responsible student would be the least I could do, though it might not be much, I believe that one less trouble can make a great impact though not to the whole world; at least to the community I belong. Academically, I am prepared to do my best in all my subjects as it is my responsibility as a matured student and it is also my perception that doing so is the task expected of me to manifest the understanding that God has given me the authority to have dominion on my Eden. In addition, I am bound to commit myself to do, to my utmost capability the duties expected of a Christian student like being in the highest standard of values and ethical resolution. The increase in my knowledge in this university is supposed to help me improve as an individual and be a productive citizen as well. I believe in the saying that goes, no man is an island, and thus I, as an individual am a part and parcel of the community and should not limit my plans to myself. Extending my personal vision to the good of those around me is a natural effect of Jesus in my decision making, no matter what the circumstances may be, letting myself be led by the Holy Spirit at all times. This is indeed a difficult task I am taking to myself but I believe that discipline through the help of the Holy Spirit is most possible. Getting educated will not in any way make me become haughty rather a humble person who will always have the realization that education does not make a man. Education may be a means to what a person could become, however, it can never be that which defines or makes a one. The character of a man reflects what is in his heart and education is not the deciding factor if a person is fit to be ethical or of high values. Thus, it is my decision to act according to the standards set not just by the school but by the word of God as well. In this school and this country, I recognize the benefits I receive as it is a democratic country. It is for me to be thankful and make use of these benefits to the best I can, not abusing any of them. I am prepared to yield to the rules and regulations of the school and to respect its laws, government and the student body. I also recognize my freedom to choose how I get educated and with this, I choose to get the best education depending on my outlook in life and my performances in school and not depend solely on my professors. With the knowledge I gain here, I set my goals to be of service to myself, to other people and my country, reflecting the heart of Jesus. Read More
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