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In the essay “Importance of Revisions,” the author discusses the revision which is concerned correcting the work since it had numerous mistakes of punctuations, tenses, and spellings. He was influenced to revise the paper after realizing that the sentences were not making sense…
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Importance of Revisions
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Extract of sample "Importance of Revisions"

Importance of Revisions Revisions normally emerge upon the completion of the first draft and involve making changes in the paper. Similarly, revisions also help in improving the quality of essays since the writers have the chance of reducing the errors (Foster, 2004). The revision I made in my essay concerned correcting the work since it had numerous mistakes of punctuations, tenses and spellings. I was influenced to revise the paper after realizing that the sentences were not making sense during the proofreading session. Writers should always go through their pieces to ensure that the mistakes are limited or do not affect the logical flow of the work (Foster, 2004). The other revision that I made to the essay involved editing of the insignificant parts that did not add value to the paper.
The role of the discussion board is that it enhances the sharing of ideas and writing skills. For instance, students can reflect on the works of other writers by giving suggestions and comments. The other role of the discussion boards is that it allows guest experts to take part in the course by posting useful material and reacting to questions (Foster, 2004). Peer reviews are vital for professional approach to an essay for research or academic purposes. Peer reviews are common in scientific and experimental pieces that require keenness and accuracy. Writing tutors played instrumental roles in convincing me to revise through mentoring programs (Foster, 2004). The other role of the writing tutors in helping me revise the essay was the application of techniques that enhance the flow of completed scripts.
Foster, G. (2004). Seven steps to successful writing: A 32-page flipchart that guides kids through
All forms of writing. Markham, Ont: Pembroke Publishers. Read More
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Importance of Revisions Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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