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This essay describes that entrepreneurial leaders are instrumental in growth of organizations since they take calculated risks and allocate resources effectively in order to ensure efficiency of each resource in the organization. Entrepreneur leaders are important in overcoming resistance to change…
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Importance of an entrepreneurial leader
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Entrepreneurial leader Importance of an entrepreneurial leader Introduction An entrepreneurial leader is important is an organization since entrepreneurs ensure creativity that leads to innovative products, services and ideas in the organization (Thompson & Bolton, 2007). Thompson & Bolton (2007) asserts that entrepreneurial leaders set direction and inspire others through ensuring constant flow of innovation and change. Entrepreneurial leaders are instrumental in growth of organizations since they take calculated risks and allocate resources effectively in order to ensure efficiency of each resource in the organization (Thompson & Bolton, 2007). Entrepreneur leaders are important in overcoming resistance to change since they can build the commitment of the employees and persuade them to change their behavior towards new innovations due to their entrepreneurial desire for change, enthusiasm and ability to convince others in the society (Thompson & Bolton, 2007). Entrepreneurial leaders have the drive to be successful and their flexibility leads to adaptability to market changes. Entrepreneurial leaders are result-oriented and have high levels of enthusiasm that ensures full commitment to the goals and objectives of the organization (Thompson & Bolton, 2007).
The role of an entrepreneurial leader is different from other leader roles since they are take personal responsibility of the growth of the organization (Thompson & Bolton, 2007). Their roles are different from other leader roles since they continuously search for new opportunities that will lead to innovative products and ideas rather than ensuring the success of the already established products and ideas (Thompson & Bolton, 2007). The entrepreneurial leader will assemble and coordinate resources towards attainment of organizational goals and will take personal responsibility for the failures of the team and utilize such challenges in ensuring the organization attains its objective (Thompson & Bolton, 2007). Unlike other leader roles, an entrepreneurial leader plays the role of a risk-taker through investing in new and innovative ideas that will enhance the growth potential of the organization (Thompson & Bolton, 2007). An entrepreneurial leader role is different from other leaders since an entrepreneur is a change catalyst and champions creative and new ideas in the organization (Thompson & Bolton, 2007).
An entrepreneurial leader is important in an organization since he continuously searches for new opportunities and ensures creativity that ultimately leads to new and innovative products and ideas. The entrepreneurial leader roles are different from other leader roles since he or she is a risk-taker and acts as a change champion.
Can business organizations attain competitive edge without entrepreneurial leaders?
Thompson, J & Bolton, B. (2007). Entrepreneurs. New York: Routledge. Read More
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