Evaluation of the Quality of Papers - Assignment Example

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The writer used current resources. The author, however, did not use reputable resources since the resources were website pages with non-refined information. …
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Evaluation of the Quality of Papers
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Evaluation of the Quality of Papers Paper Sample A. Evidence of high-quality resources= 2 The used current resources. The author, however, did not use reputable resources since the resources were website pages with non-refined information.
B. Evaluation of information from the source=4
The author exhaustively evaluated the information from the source. There is deep discussion of the topic that implies substantial evaluation of the information from the sources.
C. Evidence of use of information in an ethical and legal manner=3.
The author used mostly his words in writing the paper. It is only in few instances where there was paraphrasing (Philippakos et al. 64).
Paper Sample 2
Evidence of high-quality resource=2
The writer used current books and articles from reputable sources.
Evidence of Evaluation of sources=1
The author did not adequately evaluated the resources. There are so many resources with a very little in-text citation.
C. Evidence of use of information in an ethical and legal manner=3
The paper has no plagiarism. The author also used own words in writing the paper.
Paper Sample 3
A. Evidence of High-quality resources=1
The author has not provided any resource in the reference list. There is only one site cited.
B. Evidence of Evaluation of resources=1
The author did not list any resource used in the paper. There is no certainty on whether the resources used remained well evaluated.
C. Evidence of use of information in an ethical and legal manner=1
The author has failed to provide a list of resources. It translates to plagiarism since there is no appreciation of the referred work (Philippakos et al. 34).
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Philippakos, Zoi A, Charles A. MacArthur, and David L. Coker. Developing Strategic Writers Through Genre Instruction: Resources for Grades 3-5. , 2015. Print.
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