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This essay describes Apple is an international company that has ever since its inception dominated the portable media market. Furthermore, the introduction of its product such as iPad, iPod, iPhone, MacBook among others has also made the company to be in the limelight in the international market…
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Apple Computers International Business Strategy
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Apple Computer's International Business Strategy
Apple is an international company that has ever since its inception dominated the portable media market. Furthermore, the introduction of its product such as iPad, iPod, iPhone, MacBook among others has also made the company to be in the limelight in the international market. However, the success of the Apple Company has been a long journey through strategic plans that work internationally. One of the strategies is through merging and acquisition of other companies. For the shortest time, Apple Company has existed it has acquired and absorbed more than 20 companies. Most of the companies that, it acquires are Software Companies that may pose unnecessary competition in the market. Another strategy that has proved successful is through getting into an alliance with other companies mostly the competitors. The main reason as to why it does this is to learn some of the tactics that the competing company uses in winning the trust of the customers. It also learns how they manage the risk and ways through they attain the economic values. One of the renowned alliances was that it entered with The AT& T during the invention and initiation of the I-Phone. It the alliance the two companies must have must have mutual benefit. Apart from the benefit they must also develop trust towards one another. For instance in the agreement with the Microsoft, they agreed that Microsoft Company design the Microsoft Office Software as Apple provides the bundle (Verbeke, 2013).
Moreover, diversification strategy has again worked for the company. From the onset, Apple Company was known for the production of software and computer technologies but now it has widened its areas of productions. As a way of diversification, Apple contributes so significantly in the field of entertainment for instance through the introduction of mp3 mobile player and the iTunes Music Store. Diversification is very significant as it meets the customers’ demands, especially in this digital era. Through diversification, Apple has proved to its clients that it can respond to their needs and also provide for the quality products and services. Diversification of the Apple Company also avails a variety of the product and services to the customers and being that most of its products operates almost under the same operating system thus gives users easy time. Differentiation strategy has also contributed to the success of the Apple Company. It does this by concentrating on both the esthetic and the quality value of its products. The hardware and the software that it uses meet high stands of manufacturing. Because Apple exclusively entrust Mac computers for producing it products, it can easily, monitor and make necessary corrections. Lastly flexibility and cost leadership have also contributed towards meeting the global market. Apple has always been flexible in some of the decisions that they make. For instance when the marketing leaders realize that the price they have set forward for the product does not meet the demand in the market, they always change. One of the leadership strategies, the company, is always in contact with its customers thus developing a market network. There are also able managers in the company who brings about the invention and innovation in the company.


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