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Entrepreneurship - Feasibility Report - Coursework Example

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The UK fruit juice market is an organized and a well-developed market. Over the last couple of years, the sector has experienced moderate growth. It has continued to…
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Entrepreneurship - Feasibility Report
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Download file to see previous pages The UK fruit juice market is an organized and a well-developed market. Over the last couple of years, the sector has experienced moderate growth. It has continued to attract more players as evidenced by the growing number of brands and juice outlets in the country. More UK citizens are opting for more healthy choices available to them in the market. With such vicissitudes, fresh juice drinks are becoming more common.
Juice Bar will provide the users of the terminus with a health refreshment option that will not only allow them to meet their energy requirements but also ensure that they remain fit and healthy. The target market for the Juice Bar enterprise will be made up of the younger generation, which is more conscious about their health and wellbeing. This group is concerned about the amount of sugar that they consume in the beverages and juices. By selling products and juices that are made from natural fruits and raw materials, Juice Bar will be giving the consumers value for their money. Juice Bar will create a theme of healthy living that is preferred by most consumers. To be able to achieve its intended goals, Juice Bar will need the contribution of different stakeholders. Some of the people who will be key in the success of the business include the suppliers, an interior designer, equipment supplier and an accountant. All these people will have specific roles which they in ensuring that the business is up and running.
The primary research for the Juice Bar business was conducted through questionnaires that were distributed to the potential clients in the area. The participants were asked seven questions concerning the juice selling sector and their preferred refreshments. On the basis of the feedback obtained from the survey, an information on the sector was obtained. The decision to use questionnaires was influenced by the fact that it allowed for getting of first-hand information about the key aspects ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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