Social and Environmental Sustainability versus Financial Sustainability - Case Study Example

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The paper "Social and Environmental Sustainability versus Financial Sustainability" analyzes Coca-Cola company and states that companies and individuals have committed their efforts in the noble pursuit of equitable balance between the social, environmental and the economic needs of the society…
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Social and Environmental Sustainability versus Financial Sustainability
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Extract of sample "Social and Environmental Sustainability versus Financial Sustainability"

Download file to see previous pages A balanced and healthy society is that which provides a decent way of life and to all of its members and can endure into the future. Such is a sustainable society (Schaltegger, Bennett and Burritt, 2006). Therefore, sustainability refers to an ideal towards which we strive and against which we weigh our proposed plans, actions, expenditures and decisions. Sustainability is a means of looking at a society in the broadest sense possible in terms of space and time. Every community has its different social, economic and environmental systems that make the pursuit of sustainability a local endeavour depending on the systems surrounding the particular community. Every society has its unique concerns and needs, and the quantity, quality, balance, and the importance of these matters is unique.
The term sustainability can be defined differently depending on the context and the discipline in which the word is being used. In a more general dimension, sustainability can be taken to refer to the endurance of processes and systems (Del Bo and Bignami, 2014). Therefore, social and environmental sustainability refers to the persistence of social and environmental systems and processes. Financial sustainability refers to the persistence of the economic processes and systems as applied to the business environment. Sustainable development forms the organizing principle for sustainability. The movement towards sustainability presents a social challenge that involves national and international law, transport and urban planning, individual and local lifestyles alongside ethical consumerism. There are varied ways in which corporations and individuals strive to live sustainably (Staicu and Feleaga, 2013). These may take the form of reappraising the economic sectors, reorganizing the living conditions, the use of science to create technologies, reappraising o work practices and the adjustment of individual lifestyles.
Despite the increased use of the term sustainability, the attainment of environmental sustainability has been and remains a major challenge to human societies.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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