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Analysis of Apple Inc - Multinational Technology Company - Essay Example

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The paper "Analysis of Apple Inc - Multinational Technology Company" describes the business environment Apple Inc. is very dynamic and competitive. The company in recent years has embarked on various strategies to not only boost their sells but likewise transform their organizational culture…
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Analysis of Apple Inc - Multinational Technology Company
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Download file to see previous pages The business environment Apple Inc. is very dynamic and competitive. The company in recent years has embarked on various strategies to not only boost their sells but likewise transform their organizational culture (Lüsted, 99).
Apple Inc. as a company is devoted to ensuring their social responsibility is of highest standards in all that they do. In this regard, the companies they deal with or do business with are expected to use manufacturing processes that are environmentally responsible at any time their products are designed or manufactured, provide safe working conditions and treat employees fairly. Apple Inc. believes that they are supposed to control and own the main technologies behind their products (Ireland, 45). The company believes in to participate in the markets where they can positively and significantly contribution. Likewise, the company strives to design and manufacture high-quality; easy to use products and low cost that integrates high technology for their consumers.
Through analysis, Apple Inc. company mission statement and vision ensure all-inclusive cultural environments that enable the company remain competitive. There exist a unique depth, breadth and tenure midst the Apple Inc. executive team who lead over 36,000 employees. Apple Inc. vision and mission statements incorporate the essence of the company. It explains the goals of the company today and reflects its future production targets. Apple Inc. Mission and vision statement is unique and echoes its company’s culture. Through critical analysis, Apple Inc. vision and mission statement describe their values. In other words, it’s Apple’s DNA (Lüsted, 90).
With regard to analysis on Apple Inc. using various key models and tools and company reports, the company’s current strategic plans and direction are geared towards enhancing business culture and profitability. Apple Inc. strategic plan of market penetration focuses more on the already existing market. Apple Inc. is today among most valued technological firm and the strategy is in line with this success. In addition, the company already has a large market share and is ruling the technological business in various segments.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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