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Name Professor Course Date 1. What is the role that multinational corporations play in world affairs, according to proponents of globalism? What is the role that MNCs play to globalization critics? Which view persuades you the most? Explain. Do contemporary international organizations enhance or hinder MNC activity, in your view?…
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Choose 2 questions
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"Choose 2 questions"

Download file to see previous pages This owes to the fact that once such multinational companies are established, they assist in alleviating the living standards of the local people. Some of the multinationals, which have transformed the lives of the people according to the proponents of globalization, include the Apple Inc. and the Coca Cola Company. For instance, the former company has majority of its operations in China. This is owing to the fact that this country offers experienced and cheap labor for such multinational companies. The proponents of multinationals also believe that this is the only way to promote the spirit of globalization. With the market being free, every individual has the right to conduct his business in any country, provided all conditions are right. In short, therefore, the proponents of the multinational corporations focus on the macro level (systemic) analysis of this situation. On the other hand, though, the critics of multinational corporations have a different view on this issue. This is because they focus on it from a sub systemic level of analysis. For instance, the multinationals have been criticized for being the main cause of unemployment in some developing countries. This is despite the fact that the proponents indicate otherwise. For instance, once a multinational corporation is established in a developing country, it threatens the infant industries. The latter may not be in a position to cope with the completion of such large multinational corporations. For that reason, some of the local industries are forced to shut down mostly due to reduced sales. This results to an increased unemployment as people loss jobs. The critics indicate that one of the main advantages of the multinational companies is that they are able to operate on a large scale than the local industries. They have capital and therefore have the ability to ensure that there is the right kind of technology and qualified working force to provide quality goods and services. According to the critics, the multinational companies are out to perpetuate their monopolistic powers. Some of these multinational companies come from the developed nations. It is indicated that there is a correlation between the military power and the economic power of any given country. It is for these reasons that majority of critics indicating that the multinationals are out to give more political and military power to some of these countries. Such critics also question the need for globalization. They indicate that globalization has led to many negative effects than it was earlier thought. For instance, it has been challenged for increased unemployment and effect on the local businesses. According to Marxist view, the main beneficiaries of globalization have been the developed countries. They indicate that the main reason why it exists is to enable the developed nations accumulate more wealth especially from the developing nations. For instance, the developed nations have been able to take advantage of the cheap labor provided by the developing nations. While such corporations make a lot of profits, the employees are not rewarded according to the services that are provided. According to my analysis of the situation, I believe that the sub systemic view (critics), best explains the situation in hand. Most of the developing countries still grapple with the issues ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Choose 2 Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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