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The inquiry should be about a public administrative or nonprofit issue of concern/ Measurement of Customer Service in the workplace - Essay Example

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This especially arise from the fact that there has not been a truly developed trust from both parties. This research investigated the relationship between how child welfare…
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The inquiry should be about a public administrative or nonprofit issue of concern/ Measurement of Customer Service in the workplace
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Download file to see previous pages The research interviewed 30 individuals distributed equally among the ethnic groups. Random sampling was done to select thirty respondents, ten from each ethnic group. It found out that issues of contention ranged from mistrust, ethical issues and failure to consider the inputs of the clients when making decisions regarding the children they care about. Income factors are alleged to be a motivating factor with the low income clients claiming victimisation. However, it was clear that taking into consideration the concerns of such parents would go into improving the relationship between the agencies and the clients. This may include considering age of the clients so as to assign a worker almost in the same age set with the client as well as doing public education on the same to increase awareness.
Working with children and their families requires humility, patience, understanding and care. Child welfare case workers are, however, often in the role of managing clients’ feelings and making difficult decisions that significantly affect the lives of the clients they serve. Due to this, they are supposed to stick to the standard practices which can always help to develop and maintain trust between them. This however may include developing trust with the clients, considering their opinions on critical decisions to be made and trying as much as possible to minimize the apprehension rate by exploring any available options. This however, is disputed by these clients citing reasons that range betrayal of their trust and workers who are inexperienced in the child raising. Some of the clients generally cite poor counselor with clients as another contributing factor to their mistrust of these agencies.
Child welfare case workers are required to act ethically to resolve whatever problem they will encounter. Ethical issues or codes refer to the basic idealistic thinking and practiced norms about the morality of human conduct (Koocher, 1990). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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