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Within the case involving Globe AIive, Inc., the key decision makers include Helmut Schwartz, Patrick Photo, Stan Ryder, Stuart Miller, Ali Khan, and Thuy Singh. Schwartz was the incoming CEO to replace the outgoing CEO, Stan Ryder. Patrick Photo is the operations manager while…
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To Spy or Not to Spy
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To Spy or Not to Spy Affiliation Key Decision Makers Within the case involving Globe AIive, Inc., the key decision makers include Helmut Schwartz, Patrick Photo, Stan Ryder, Stuart Miller, Ali Khan, and Thuy Singh. Schwartz was the incoming CEO to replace the outgoing CEO, Stan Ryder. Patrick Photo is the operations manager while Thuy and Ali are production and marketing managers respectively. Miller is the HR Director while Photo is the operations manager. Each of these individuals hold a specific decision-making position within GAI. Based on pressure from competition and the need to ensure that the company is as productive as possible, the incoming CEO intends to implement changes which will require employees to be more productive and managers to be more innovative. The current market situation as identified in the case shows increasing competition and laxity of employees as well as stagnated management which does not recognize the benefits of changes within the contemporary business model.
Facts of the Case
The facts of the case as relating to the key decision makers identified above revolve around the incoming CEO, Schwartz, whose intention to transform the company proposes a series of changes among them an openly refutable suggestion to spy on employees. At the boardroom speech as he was addressing the management, Schwartz makes it know that he was for the idea that right technology was capable of making everything possible. Top management such as Photo, Thuy, and Ali Khan did not seem to agree with the idea that the incoming CEO was trying to impose his philosophy on the the company and forcing everyone else to buy into it. On a rather unfortunate turn of events, Miller, the HR Director seized the opportunity of being the pioneer of presenting and innovation that could enhance the employee output at the company; an idea that Schwartz coined to involve spying of employee’s internet and email activity. In his idea, Miller proposed a data collection program that could be used to monitor productivity but Schwartz idea was highly resisted as it was depriving employees of privacy (Unit 3 Case Study. pp. 1-14)
The symptoms occurring on the case represent a number of factors that do not fit within the expectations of every character. Areas of conflict in the case involve the very personal nature of Schwartz and his history with implementing changes. With this fact overly anticipated, most of the managers already have negative opinion about his intentions. Technology as a means to improve performance and productivity is an acceptable factor with a downside every manager disagrees with, the compromise on employee privacy. The implementation of either of the proposed strategies calls for few changes as identified within the case, however, due to the negative perception of the use of spyware, decision-makers comprising of managers do not support the idea of changes (Unit 3 Case Study, pp. 10-14).
Critical Inferences
If GAI is to implement the strategy of using spyware to monitor online behavior of its employees, the company is likely to incur an increased employee turnover. Additionally, if management agrees to the proposed changes, HR will lose touch with employees whose notion would be negative about the company. Spying on employees on the other hand, must be a policy that they agree or disagree with prior to employment contract.
Managers are opposed to Schwartz proposal of change as they fear increased employee turnover based on the infringement of their privacy. Additionally, Schwartz’s high expectations are manifested by the lack of opposing opinion.
Unit 3 Case Study. (n.d). To Spy or Not to Spy. n.p Read More
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