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They Say, I Say Homework - Assignment Example

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Presenting ideas and views confidently, clearly, and concisely promotes free-flowing communication. Expressing own ideas means that one is listening to what others are…
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They Say, I Say Homework
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Extract of sample "They Say, I Say Homework"

They Say, I say Importance of expressing your ideas when responding to others Expressing own ideas whenresponding to other’s queries and comments creates an effective communication. Presenting ideas and views confidently, clearly, and concisely promotes free-flowing communication. Expressing own ideas means that one is listening to what others are saying and summarizing their ideas in an intellectual way (Graff & Birkenstein 3).
2. Importance of being a critical and intellectual thinker in debates
The ability to think intellectually and critically is an important skill in life, but it is unfortunate that many people lack it. Critical thinking aids in solving complex problems because it requires handling them from several standpoints before making a decision. A critical and intellectual thinker deduces consequences and makes useful information from what is available. A critical thinker engaging in debates and conversations cannot be confused by what others are saying, but will instead lead to a cooperative reasoning and strengthen the argument (Graff & Birkenstein 3).

3. Three ways of responding
It involves coming into terms with the views presented. Even though one is at peace with what is presented, fresh ideas or evidence are necessary. The new ideas makes one a valuable contributor in the conversation (Graff & Birkenstein 7).
It seems to be the simplest decision a writer can make, but it possesses some challenges. The writer must present reasons and evidence for differing with a particular view (Graff & Birkenstein 3).
Agree and Disagree
A Combination of both agree and disagree makes the participants in an argument go beyond just responding for the sake of doing it. They do so with detailed evidence and reasons (Graff & Birkenstein 9).
4. Question Four
By saying “entering a conversation”, the authors refer to joining an ongoing conversation. They explain one does it by first listening and internalizing the ongoing discussion before making a contribution.
What one needs to pay close attention to are the views of the other participants. What they say forms the basis of any views to be made (Graff & Birkenstein 3). The conversation they are talking about is academic writing, for example, argumentative essay writing.
Works Cited
Graff, Gerald, and Cathy Birkenstein. They say / I say: the moves that matter in academic writing. 2nd ed. New York: W.W. Norton & Co., 2010. Print. Read More
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