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To Spy or Not to Spy: Globe Alive Company - Assignment Example

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The author makes SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) of Globe Alive, Inc, gives the alternative supervisory control and monitoring to employees and managers of Globe Alive Company, and gives recommendation and plan of action. …
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To Spy or Not to Spy: Globe Alive Company
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Download file to see previous pages There is no consensus with many members having dissenting opinions on the capacity of embracing technology to solve their problems at hand. Some of the dissenting opinion with being pro-technology is the capability that the technology brings, which the chief executive officer so much believe in and has to building trust when the subordinate is under the watch always with the spyware. This presents a problem of mistrust and fear within the company. Trust is needed for the company to be reputable and cooperative. It emerges that the transitioning from the founders of the company to the current CEO of the company did not have more of technology but it advanced. The previous regime based their property on the research that enabled them to know the area of opportunity, threats, weaknesses, and strength. With such knowledge, it was easy for the company to grow.
The root cause of the stalemate and problem was the new chief executive office coming up with almost sudden change. According to research done by Carr & Trahant change is not something that should be done once but introduces slowly to allow people to familiarize with. The new chief executive came with a philosophy of embracing technology, which appeared to be skewed toward spying employees. This cause discourse within the board. The strategic position has negatively affected by the problem in a number of ways. First, the resistance of being pro-technology delays the program. Use of spyware is also observed the absence of trust hence bringing the divisions in the company.
The current marketing of Globe Alive, Inc in the Edmonton area. They have a good customer base in the Edmonton area. In addition, this organization has very clear objectives. For example, facilitate efficient communication between global partners, discern in-bound supply chain elements from outbound shipments, expedite customer orders in a timely manner, electronically transfer funds around the world. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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