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The increased ease and speed of communication that is attributable to the unabated popularity of smartphones is continuously claiming the lives of Canadians. The legislature’s act of increasing the fines for those found texting while driving to between $300 -$1,000 is…
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Analysis an issue
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ANALYSIS OF AN ISSUE [Insert al Affiliation] The increased ease and speed of communication that is attributable to the unabated popularity of smartphones is continuously claiming the lives of Canadians. The legislature’s act of increasing the fines for those found texting while driving to between $300 -$1,000 is justifiable. An indisputable fact is that texting while driving disrupts the driver increasing the chances of causing an accident.
Unquestionably, the human mind has the capacity do a myriad of activities at the same time than just driving safely. One can make driving a top priority and carry a modest conversation on their handset. However, this requires self-discipline and coherent thinking abilities which are lacking among many drivers.
However, people often find themselves in situations that force them to text while driving. For instance, emergencies arise and the driver is required to communicate with another party to be directed or informed about the emergency. The driver may not have the chance or time to drive off the road. Such emergencies are common and the law should recognize them. Apparently, the argument that drivers who text while driving should be cripplingly penalized is based on the idealistic axiom that the driver is texting to be informed on some casual matters or to be entertained.
Conclusively, the value of human life is precious than anything else. The law is out to protect lives and we need to abide by the law. You should not be a narcissist or think of yourself as a superhero on the road. Be attentive, prioritize driving, and circumvent distractions. In this way, you as well as other road users will be safe. Read More
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Analysis an Issue Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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