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In this story, Bob Antice had spent more than 36 years working for the entertainment company. The industry regards, Bob as the…
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When the Longtime Star Fades
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When the Longtime Star Fades Case Analysis Should Bob go or should he be, fired is an interesting issue of concern for Noel Klein, who is the Chief Executive Officer at Powerful Entertainment. In this story, Bob Antice had spent more than 36 years working for the entertainment company. The industry regards, Bob as the most successful sales representative in the organization’s history. Moreover, Bob is also a friend and mentor of many younger employees who admire his success. Usually, the entertainment industry calls Bob repeatedly, to deliver speeches for the entertainment industry and in his statement, his audience becomes impressed with his dedication and love for his job. The company should not let Bob leave just because he is not conversant with modern technologies used in the music industry. Bob is a living legend and loved by all players within the entertainment industry. Additionally, Bob works very hard and is very dedicated to his work (Guterman, 2010).
His years of service and simplicity have made him famous. Throughout the years, Bob’s hard work paid off when he becomes the senior manager in the organization. Noel’s arguments for letting Bob go are superficial and lack support. In this regard, Noel should first put into consideration other alternatives that can push Bob to learn about the transformations introduced into the entertainment industry. Also, Noel should appreciate Bob’s talents and personality. Noel may consider introducing compulsory management training within the organization where Bob will learn about the latest trends in the entertainment industry. Alternatively, Noel may also consider pairing Bob with other salespersons who are conversant with new technologies and evaluating their group performance before making the decision.
Guterman, J. (2010). Case Study: When the Longtime Star Fades. Harvard Business Review. Online [2 June 2015] Available at Read More
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When the Longtime Star Fades Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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