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The SCM software packages that can be recommended for Bravo Company are Starbucks integrated supply chain software, continuous replenishment chain software, and build to order supply chain software with zero inventory. Starbucks application allows for communication, coordination…
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SCM Software selection
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SCM Software Selection The SCM software packages that can be recommended for Bravo Company are Starbucks integrated supply chain software, continuous replenishment chain software, and build to order supply chain software with zero inventory. Starbucks application allows for communication, coordination and synchronization and it involves a point of sale trigger and analysis, which helps to ensure that supply levels meet demand levels. Continuous replenishment application is an integrated pharmaceutical supply chain that ensures that inventory levels are monitored and that materials are replaced when needed for production. Build to order supply chain with zero inventory involves production of products on demand.
Starbucks application involves the implementation cost that involves training the managers and operators of the supply chain to ensure that they are able to determine the demand to ensure that they are satisfied by the available supply. The integration in the continuous replenishment involves linking the manufacturing company with the suppliers to ensure there are adequate materials to meet the production needs. Build to order system with zero inventory involves cost that are incurred in training the system operators to enable them to determine the present demands in order to direct what needs to be produced.
However, the most appropriate SCM software package for Bravo Company is the Starbucks system. This is because the application will enable the company to determine the appropriate delivery dates for its customers, solve the inventory problems by determining the right inventory levels for hard drives. It will also ensure that through synchronization and communication, the problem of trucks unavailability is solved, and that the procedures for customs clearance are made easier to ensure easily supply of materials. Read More
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