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In 2007 a Graduate Employability Skills report identified interpersonal and communication (written and oral) skills and team work skills as being prime considerations in the selection criteria for graduate hiring decisions. 
Question 2: Identify two activities in IBP that…
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Integrating Business Perspectives
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Integrating Business Perspectives: Reflection Assessment Insert (s) Integrating BusinessPerspectives: Reflection Assessment
In 2007 a Graduate Employability Skills report identified interpersonal and communication (written and oral) skills and team work skills as being prime considerations in the selection criteria for graduate hiring decisions. 
Question 2: Identify two activities in IBP that enabled you to develop these employability skills and then in the space provided outline one way that you feel that the IBP activity improved your skills in that area.
1. Activity: __Writing the Group Pitch Assessment Task_________________________
Impact of activity on your skills base: The Group Pitch Assessment Task significantly impacted on my skills by enabling me to acquire and develop both team work skills and the necessary written communication skills required to enhance ones employability.____
2.Activity: _____IBP Public speaking____
____The activity helped improve my interpersonal and oral communication skills____________________________________________________________
Question 3: For most of you IBP will have served as your first experience of group project work at university. While many of you have had a great time working with your teammates there will always be at least one instance over the course of a semester where your team struggled to work cohesively to achieve your team goals. In the space below we would like you to reflect on this experience and the lessons you personally learned using the STAR reflective writing technique:
Step 1: Recall a situation where your team struggled to work cohesively together either during an IBP workshop or in the development of your group project.
One of the memorable situations where one of my team struggled to work cohesively during the development of our group project was when we were carrying out research for the Pitch Assessment Task _____________________________________________
Step 2: What were the specific details of the task that your group was completing in this situation?
__ The task that my group was completing at the time was a research on the various definitions of elevator pitch. A majority of the team members could not agree on a single best definition of elevator pitch _____________
Step 3: What specific actions did you take and did other team members take at the time to address this situation?
In order to solve the disagreements among the team members and enhance the cohesiveness of our group, we appointed one of our group members to lead in the facilitation of the project and moderate divergent opinion.______________________________________
Step 4: What were the outcomes of these actions you took?
____ One of the major outcomes of the actions we took is that the cohesiveness of the group during the IBP workshop significantly improved. In addition, the efficiency of the group, particularly with regard to decision was considerably enhanced._______________
Question 4: Reflecting back on your learning experience that you talked about in Q3. What lessons do you feel that you personally can take away, which will make you a more effective team player in the future?
____ Based on the learning experience that I have highlighted in question 3, one of the important lessons I learnt is that interpersonal and communication skills as well as team work skills such as being a great listener are critically important in ensuring that one is a team player._________________________________________________________ Read More
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