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International business communication - Assignment Example

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This paper is focused on three key areas of learning outcomes which are assessing the international organizational structure, international business communication and the principles of global e-commerce. The organizational structure discusses its different types and their…
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International business communication
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Download file to see previous pages ciple of global e-commerce discusses about the details of e-commerce and e-business activities and how internet and social networking along with other digital tools are used for marketing activities.
The strength of a traditional hierarchical structure is that the employees have clarity of their position in the organization and they have a single person to report to. This as a result removes any ambiguity of roles and overlapping of responsibilities, thereby removing any room of error (Baligh, 2007).
Owing the presence of steep hierarchical structure, internal organizational communication becomes a challenge. In most cases the employees can only contact the supervisor who is immediately above him in hierarchy.
The hierarchical organizational structure is suitable for very large firms, with more than a thousand employees. It is mostly suitable for the firms which operate in relatively stable market environment.
The strength of a bureaucratic organizational structure lies in strategic decisions taken by the organization. It allows the higher management to have high level of control in every decision making process in the organization (Baligh, 2007).
In a bureaucratic organization the employees are less motivated and their creativity is not encouraged. The higher level of control by the management reduces the room for working freedom and flexibility in the work environment thereby de-motivating the employees.
This type of structure is suitable for the firms where strictly following rules and regulations are imperative to high quality product and service development, such as in case of hotel management (Bate, 2008).
The matrix organization allows the firm to bring together all the managers and employees together so that they can proceed towards a shared goal. The departments can work closely together owing to the efficient exchange of information (French and Rayner, 2011).
Organization behaviour is the aggregate of the ways in which an organization impacts the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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