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Personal study skills - Assignment Example

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Through interacting with others I have been able to realize my strengths which I have taken advantage of in order to be able to achieve the set…
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Personal study skills
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Download file to see previous pages The many teaching opportunities have given me a chance to manage my time effectively. The main challenges I encountered in the pursuit of my targets include lack of adequate time to carry out my activities. In other instances, stress arising from family matters made it impossible for me to manage my many activities. Due to my intolerance towards others, I found that most people neglected me and I spend most of the times alone (Cobb, 2002).
I have not been able to achieve some of my set targets, for example, my learning skills due to dyspraxia. Due to this condition, I take more time to understand some things since for me to understand I need to be given a more detailed explanation which may take longer period of time. In terms of keeping fit, I have not been able to manage my weight due to my inability to maintain a healthy lifestyle (Bligham and Drew, 2010). Additionally, my trip to New York has been affected by my parents desire to buy a second home in London. Having not saved enough money to cater for my trip, I have to push it up to 2016.
By 2016, I intend to have saved around $2,000 for the trip. In order to keep fit, I will take boxing classes 3 times a week and engage in daily home exercise as well as maintain a healthy “Dukan Diet”. To improve my learning skills, I will engage into more learning activities and devote more time into learning. In an effort to reset my targets I have tried to identify my own strengths and weaknesses and try to work on them. Additionally, to be able to reset my targets, I need to develop good time management skills (Lee-Davies and Bailey, 2007).
During the semester, I have had good moments through the learning process. I have been able to gain many skills and improve my way of approaching life. I have also been able to change my attitude towards others and appreciate working with others to achieve the desired results (Lee-Davies and Bailey, 2007).
I have been able to improve my time ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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