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Many organization usually measure employee effectiveness and efficiency in an attempt to detect ethical issues which could affect the overall image of a company. Such issues range from employees theft to conducting businesses in the company’s name while the employees involved…
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Dilemma in business communication
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Dilemmas in Business Communication Dilemmas in Business Communication Introduction Many organization usually measure employee effectiveness and efficiency in an attempt to detect ethical issues which could affect the overall image of a company. Such issues range from employees theft to conducting businesses in the company’s name while the employees involved are the beneficiaries. In this case, an employee with a drinking problem will increase abseentism which affects the productivity of a firm and the margins to be realized (Snoeyenbos, Almeder & Humber, 2001).
Choice A
After being contacted by the soon-to-be employer, I would not tell him about the drinking problem that the employee has because supervisors should always encourage positive change in workers. The new employment opportunity could improve the issue that the employee has and at the same time challenge him to be the best.
Choice B
If I tell the truth about the employee’s drinking problem, the employer will be able to know what kind of employee they are taking in and will be in a position to curtail him to live up to the standards of the organization. However, this would diminish the employees chances of being employed.
My rationale behind hiding the truth from the employer will be based on the fact that by searching for a new employment opportunity, the employee has changed positively and realized that sticking to a company’s policies and values is a requisite. My choice will also give the employee a new chance to grow career wise (Snoeyenbos, Almeder & Humber, 2001).
Although it is in the best interest of companies to hire efficient employees, people with ethical issues should also be given chances to improve. This can be done through training, formulation of company policies which encourages ethical values at the workplace and having the managers in the forefront in the elimination of unethical issues.
Snoeyenbos, M., Almeder, R. F., & Humber, J. M. (2001). Business ethics. Amherst, N.Y: Prometheus Books. Read More
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Dilemma in Business Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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