The Commercialization of Football - Assignment Example

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A writer of the paper "The Commercialization of Football" discusses a recommendation on the best method of improving the management of these football organizations. The English Premier League is one of the most luxurious sporting leagues in the world…
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The Commercialization of Football
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Download file to see previous pages The English Premier League is one of the most luxurious sporting leagues in the world. This league attracts football teams such as Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool, etc (Soderman & Dolles, 2013). Players in this league are earning millions of dollars, and this is through their weekly salaries, and endorsements that they are getting from large companies such as AIG, Nike, Samsung, etc (White 2013). Because of the huge amount of money that is used by English teams to pay off their players, most of these clubs are always in debts. An example is a club such as Manchester United, Liverpool and even Chelsea who are operating their balance sheets out of deficits. The main stakeholders to a football club are the owners, football managers, fans, the management, players, the government and the Football Association. These stakeholders partner to play a role that has a level of control on a club. The influence of each can be direct or indirect to the club. If a club changes ownership like in the case of Liverpool football clubs acquisition, the debts of the club are transferred to the new owners (Chadwick 2010), and it is their responsibility to service the debt. In the ownership of the club, the government can decide to regulate the process and limit the impact of the team acquisitions on the performance of the ownership. The Football Association is also a major stakeholder in the league, and this is because it is responsible for setting up rules, and fixtures for the games. In fact, without the FA, then the English Premier League would not be there (Kennedy and Kennedy 2014). These stakeholders normally have different interests, and because of these differences they normally clash on most occasions. It is important to explain that the major source of conflict between football managers, players, and the management of the organization lies on the money. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Commercialization of Football Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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