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The paper 'Villa Blanca Restaurant' presents the Villa Blanca Restaurant in Beverly Hills and Quartino Restaurant in Chicago which is two different restaurants within the same line of business as casual dining restaurants. They both have menus of similar and varying cuisines as well as the prices…
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Villa Blanca Restaurant
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The food items that may be conventionally prepared are seafood, entrée foods, salads, soup, vegetarian meals, pasta, pizzas, sandwiches, and specialties. The food items that may be convenience are appetizers and risottos because they are mostly ordered as per the customers’ requests as additional accompaniments to the main course meals.
The Villa Blanca Restaurant is a tad more expensive than the Quartino Restaurant. For instance, the cheapest salad at Villa Blanca is the char-grilled chicken salad at 15 dollars while the most expensive salad at Quartino is the Tuscan kale salad at only 9 dollars. The purchasing system of chicken is 4.5 dollars per pound at the store, which is more expensive than kale at 2 dollars at the groceries in market value, which creates the cost difference. Similarly, the most expensive pasta meal at Quartino is the linguine with clams at 12.50 dollars. The ingredients include clams with pinot grigio wine, red chili, and extra virgin olive oil, with red or white sauce. The most costly pasta meal at Villa Blanca is the penne and tiger prawns at 24 dollars. The ingredients are tiger prawns with peppery tomatoes, basil, garlic, and ground red pepper. The linguine costs 24 dollars per 12-ounce packet and clams cost 5.99 dollars per pound, while the penne costs 12 dollars per 16-ounce packet and tiger prawns cost 14 dollars per 500g packet, hence the differing contribution margins of prices from the two meals. Read More
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