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This development however does not always contribute to the common good because it also has side effects of creating new problems…
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Analysis of Vocational Leader
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Analysis of a Vocational Leader The Vocation of a Business Leader: A Reflection tells how the development of modern economies have contributed to the general well-being of society. This development however does not always contribute to the common good because it also has side effects of creating new problems such as economic dislocation and financial instability. Globalization has complicated these issues as it has brought greater inequality and inability of governments to properly regulate the market. Information technology may have brought greater efficiency but it also has the downside of bringing information overload. It resulted to people becoming more preoccupied with maximization of wealth than serving the common good. To avoid this tendency, the book Vocation of a Business Leader: A Reflection prescribed that leaders should be more preoccupied in producing goods and services that addresses human genuine needs, that they should be more responsible in conducting themselves and their businesses.
The issues covered in the book is very much related to Accounting because the recent corporate scandals that rocked America and slid this country into recession was caused by the issues tackled in the book- too much emphasis on wealth maximization rather than producing goods and services that serves genuine human needs. Companies such as Enron and Worldcom cheated on their financial reports so that their company would appear good and attract more investors and continue to receive financial rewards (i.e. fat bonuses). If the prescription in the book will be seriously taken, managers and executives would instead look after the welfare of the community at large before their own.
This issues is not limited to companies but also on a personal level. Young people now tend to think how their acts would benefit themselves first before being motivated to do it. For example, when one starts a business, it is the profit that is being considered first before creating a product or service that would serve its customers well. Read More
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